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#1 04-30-2024 10:20:56

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PayPal Payment Issue

NOTE: This post was created on 2023-08-25 on the Kryptronic eCommerce Community facebook page, which has been replaced with this forum.  All facebook support content was migrated into this forum in April 2024.


Paypal Credit Card Payment Issue. I have had an order that processed through the order system, which should not have, the "Response Code" was 5950 (External decline as an updated card has been issued). Can I check that was a software error or something else please.


We are currently tracking a possible issue with PayPal Commerce Platform credit card payments when using Advanced Checkout mode. Are you using an Advanced Checkout connection? You can verify this by checking Store / Commerce / Payment Methods in admin.


Hi Nick, Yes, I am using the Paypal Advanced Checkout


I am have the same issue. Basically it's a false positive. The one I am having problems with are the ones that come back as: Response: 5120 - Insufficient funds. I too am using PayPal Advance Checkout.


Thank you both. We are tracking this issue. It's a new response format from PayPal, or that's what it looks like right now. Investigating. I can say that for anyone having issues, switching over to the Standard method would solve it for now. There really is no difference between the two - just the formatting of how the credit card payment section is handled. It is safe to switch over to Standard and not lose anything.


Hi Nick, if I switch to PayPal standard, then the integration of Credit Cards direct from the store does not exist and I dont want customers directing to PayPal like that. Can the file: paypalcp.php not just have any new codes added from line 41?



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