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#1 02-17-2022 08:02:59

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Multisite and checkout settings


We are looking at using the multisite feature to sell spare to the general public.  Our main site is trade only so you have to be registered to see prices and to checkout. So we would like the alternate site to allow both guest checkout and prices to be seen.

It looks like we can override certain setting on multisites, so I was wondering if setting ecom.allowguestco to 1 would do the trick with out effecting the main site. Is this possible?




#2 02-17-2022 09:24:22

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Re: Multisite and checkout settings

Yes.  That's exactly how MultiSite settings overrides work.  Ensure Guest Checkout is set to off/false under Store Settings, then for the retail MultiSite, use a settings override to enable it for that particular site.  You can do this with any settings you like.  Some clients we manage employ forty or more overrides to provide a completely different experience for the customers.

Nick Hendler



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