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#1 04-29-2021 11:07:47

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Exclude item from a search

We have a need to offer a special offer by email but do not wish it to be seen in a search.

Is there a way to hide a product offer from searches yet allow a direct link to the product.

If there is not something built in for this, could we add an extra column to the prod table and update the sql in the search section?




#2 04-30-2021 08:24:44

From: York, PA
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Re: Exclude item from a search

Using Store / Component / Settings / Special Offers, adjust the value for 'Special Offers Limitations' so 'Shoppers with Cookie' is checked.  Adjust your email links so that instead of pointing to the store as:

Point to it with:

That will set a cookie for the users who click through on the email links and will activate Special Offers just for them.  Beyond that, you need to set up your Offer's Special Offer settings - if they need to be altered.  Use Store / Catalog / Product Offers, Configure - Special Offers tab to do this.  If you set Pricing Type to Special Offers Only, the item will not be visible to users without a cookie (who didn't click through the email).

Nick Hendler



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