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#1 03-18-2021 14:54:09

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New Google Analytics Tag

Google says they want me to update my Analytics Tag as per the quote and code below.

Previously you've said that K9 will handle this, but I just wanted to check whether the config line they mention is in place and, if not, which file I should edit to include it.

Global Site Tag (gtag.js)

This is the Global Site Tag (gtag.js) tracking code for this property. Copy and paste this code as the first item into the <HEAD> of every web page that you want to track. If you already have a Global Site Tag on your page, simply add the config line from the snippet below to your existing Global Site Tag.


<!-- Global site tag (gtag.js) - Google Analytics -->
<script async src=""></script>
  window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];
  function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);}
  gtag('js', new Date());

  gtag('config', 'UA-xxxxxxxx-1');



#2 03-19-2021 08:34:16

From: York, PA
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Re: New Google Analytics Tag

K9 executes Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager separately so they use different code than what you posted.  That looks like combined code that pushes the Google Analytics id through Google Tag Manager.  Our setup is not like this.  We fire them individually.

Nick Hendler



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