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#1 03-01-2021 15:40:38

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K9 Sendmail Flagging as Spam in Customer's Email Boxes


We are recently seeing an issue where all emails sent from K9 are being flagged as Spam in customer's email boxes.  This is also happening with purchase orders sent to vendors.  We use MailChimp for email marketing on occasion so I don't believe we are legitimately being flagged for Spamming email.  Please advise what we should check and how we can make sure all mail using K9 Sendmail is whitelisted.  Thank you

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#2 03-02-2021 08:58:44

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Re: K9 Sendmail Flagging as Spam in Customer's Email Boxes

Open a ticket on this.  It sounds like a DNS configuration issue.  You're using MultiSite, so we'll need to check that's configured properly as well.  It might be as simple as adding an IP to a DNS SPF record.

Nick Hendler



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