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#1 02-12-2021 08:20:55

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Order complete add to POS

Is there any simple way to get a completed order ( Dashboard / Store / Orders / Order Center / Completed / Order Manager: ORDS202102093 ) sent over to POS. We often get customers who place an order on site then call us to ask if they can order another part, It would be great to have a button that said "send to POS" where we could then add additional stock and complete the order.



#2 02-12-2021 09:53:21

From: York, PA
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Re: Order complete add to POS

No, a completed order cannot be reopened and edited in the POS.  Orders can only be edited up to the point where items are shipped on the order. If the customer created an account, it should be easy enough to locate them in the POS and create a new order for them,

Nick Hendler



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