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#1 02-10-2021 09:56:38

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Export email address for group announcement

We currently run multisite and on one site (tonersexpress) have had to change over to a new material manufacture in April this year, so I would like to email existing customers to give a pre warning to some changes that will take place in April.

Is there any simple way I extract customer email address's from just the one site (tonersexpress) to then be able to send out this email ??



#2 02-10-2021 10:01:06

From: York, PA
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Re: Export email address for group announcement

Assuming you're looking for that info in orders from paying customers, and the order number prefix you use for tonersexpress is TEX (I know it isn't - this is just an example), you can use this SQL to get customer emails:

SELECT email FROM ecom_orders WHERE id LIKE 'TEX%'

Do this using System / Database / Raw Database Admin.

Nick Hendler



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