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#1 10-25-2020 02:46:06

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How to prevent product Identifier* becoming corrupted on Export

How to prevent product Identifier*becoming corrupted
We have a number of Philips product Identifer codes in the format of:-

If we use the Raw database admin to export a csv file, as soon as we save the file into the msdos csv format then all the identifiers like the example above get changed to
420000000000   (Scientific)

This then causes a double up of items when the import process is used. What is the correct process to stop these identifiers getting changed.



#2 10-26-2020 09:31:49

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Re: How to prevent product Identifier* becoming corrupted on Export

I assume you are using Microsoft Excel to open the CSV files.  This is also an issue if you have ids or other data with leading zeros, as Excel wants to make those whole numbers, too.  To combat what Excel is doing:

(1) Change the file extension from .csv to .txt.

(2) Open the .txt file with Excel.  Excel will run you through a general text file import.  Choose a delimited data type, and comma as the delimiter.  For each column, change the data type from General to Text.  Import.

(3) Save the file as an .xlsx file so that you can work with it in Excel, open and close it without issues, etc.

(4) When you have manipulated the data and are ready to upload it, Save As a CSV file (.csv extension) and upload into K9.

Nick Hendler



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