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#1 08-27-2020 14:52:23

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upgrade question

I have a client that needs an upgrade. The server he is on now is dated, so we want to do a new install version 9 on another server, but need to leave the old website as is until the new one is ready. There are only a handful of products so we don't need to export anything, we will just start from scratch. 
What would be the bet procedure to accomplish this, considering the domain name will not point to the new server until the new website is ready?



#2 08-28-2020 09:26:51

From: York, PA
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Re: upgrade question

Follow these instructions to "trick" your computer into looking at the new server / IP address for your domain by editing your hosts file: … -transfer/

Install K9 as new on the new server using the domain name in the URLs, just like the domain is already running 100% on the new server.  As far as your computer is concerned, it is.  Configure K9 as needed, add products, etc.  Test.  When finished, back out the change you made to your hosts file, then change your DNS.  K9 install instructions are here: … -Guide.php

Nick Hendler



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