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#1 08-26-2020 23:50:13

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Java on Mobile Version

Will Ajax be enabled for mobile on v9 checkout? I did an experiment and enabled Ajax on v8 checkout by remming out the code in the checkout php files that stops Ajax being used.

It seems to work OK on the Windows 8 and iPhones I tested. Why was it blocked for mobile checkouts? Ajax was already enabled in product pages for the price update. Will turning it on in Checkout cause some unforeseen consequences?

Could we have a longer Ajax update time on mobiles as I think entering comments, VAT numbers, etc might need more time on a mobile?

The most annoying problem encountered is not changing the product quantity fast enough. If you delete the quantity and the box remains empty when Ajax update is performed the item is deleted from the cart (not good).

It is early days but we appear to have less failed orders since making the change.

The lack of Ajax on Mobile checkout has generated a few angry customers who have selected an express delivery service but failed to hit the update button and then got the standard slowest delivery service. Enabling Ajax in checkout has solved that issue.



#2 08-27-2020 09:01:24

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Re: Java on Mobile Version

K9 has Ajax enabled by default in checkout.  As K9 is responsive, and has a much better design than V8, Ajax is available in all views.  Enabling Ajax on the V8 mobile interface would be clunky.  You have to remember that the V8 mobile interface was created in 2011 just after people first started using phones for commerce and websites first started producing mobile versions of their sites.  It's really ancient compared to what K9 has to offer in this regard, as well as virtually every other area.

Nick Hendler



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