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#1 02-19-2020 14:22:50

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New Easy Pick Display for Inventory Item Offers

We have added an Easy Pick Display to update 9.0.4 (pending release) which allows easy picking of inventory items in product offers.  This can be used for Size-Color displays as well as very complex choices to narrow lists of available inventory items in offers.  Here's a look at it working on our K9 dev/demo site: … elay-Pedal

To use the inventory Easy Pick functionality, using Store / Catalog / Product Offers, for any Inventory Items offer type, under the Configure - Inventory Offers tab, select 'Easy Pick Display' and submit your change.  Next, using Store / Catalog / Inventory Items, for each inventory item being sold in that offer, configure Easy Pick Display Options under the Options tab.  Add an option heading name and value (and option hex code for colors).  Use the same heading names to group different options.  Easy Pick supports an unlimited number of choices, an unlimited number of options, and multiple matching inventory items for selections.

Nick Hendler



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