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#1 11-01-2019 05:13:41

From: bedford
Registered: 04-02-2008
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Software Installer

Hi Nick

Is the installer on your website here …
the latest and greatest??

On step 13 I am sure I used to select Reload with recently changed definition files only and only recent changes are made.
However, when selecting that option, it overwrites lots of other changes I have made, such as.
core_namespaces - I change the seourl from /ShoppingCart to /ShoppingBasket.

This change is now overwritten when running the installer with recently changed definition only set.

Also after completing the database uploads I get this error:
An error was encountered while performing the database load task requested. Error Information: The MySQLi extension encountered a problem submitting an SQL statement. MySQLi reported the error as: Table 'dbxxxxx.core_incphp' doesn't exist

This is on a fresh installer with no cross over of xml files from old sites,

- Euorpacart 8



#2 11-04-2019 08:47:39

From: York, PA
Registered: 04-20-2001
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Re: Software Installer

First issue: Namespace being overwritten.  That namespace is defined in the file {private}/apps/ecom/ECOM_Cart/install/data_core_namespaces_0.xml.  If that file was updated (based on timestamp) within 12 hours of running installer.php, all definitions in that file would be updated during a 'recently changed files only' update.  For the namespace ecom.viewcart, the fields updated are:


Second issue: Search your filesystem for a file named data_core_incphp_X.php where X is some number.  Start at 0 and search until you don't find any more.  Probably in your skin.  That table was removed (unnecessary).

Nick Hendler



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