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#1 03-14-2019 01:52:17

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Customer Account Message On Invoice

Is there a way to have a message in a customerís account from one of the text fields populate automatically on that customerís invoice each time? For example, we would have a customer specific terms disclaimer that would always need to show on the invoice but may be different for other customers.  We would like to eliminate the need to copy and paste into the external notes field for every order where this is needed.  Thanks 😀

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#2 03-14-2019 06:55:59

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Re: Customer Account Message On Invoice

Well, K9 has this ability for the internal notes/comments field (System / User Accounts / User Accounts, update account, eCommerce tab, enter Internal Order Comments AutoFill).  You mentioned external comments, which could be added the same way if we updated the software to include it.  If you want that done, we can do that under a small custom shop job for you, then would likely release the functionality in an update.

However, you mentioned terms and needing terms to display.  If your customers have purchase on account allowed (System / User Accounts / User Accounts, update account, eCommerce tab, select Purchase on Account Allowed), you can use the Locked Payment Terms field to lock their terms and allow only one choice, or don't lock terms and give them a selection.  Either way, when an order is placed using purchase on account, terms are shown on the order. 

So you might already have what you want, if your customers are purchasing on account using the facilities in K9 to do so.

Nick Hendler



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