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#1 11-05-2018 20:31:34

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Customer Specific Pricing


Would it be possible in K9 to set up customer specific pricing for scenarios where a special discount or price has been applied to a product or products for an individual or group of customers?  My initial thought was to add a new user group named for the customer or customer type that is targeted and then make a product offer for certain items only seen by that customer or customer type.

The caster site will be pricing accessed by log in only so there won't likely be any "Everyone" visibility for this particular wholesale site. Is this doable in K9 as it's configured?

Thanks :)

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#2 11-07-2018 08:43:31

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Re: Customer Specific Pricing

Yes, this is possible using the wholesale group.  You can set wholesale base pricing on the product offer level, then assign different discounts to individual users based on manufacturer groupings.  More info here: … counts.php

Nick Hendler



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