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#1 08-20-2018 15:41:17

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How to Disable TSL 1.0?

Is there a way to disable TSL 1.0 in the CCP software?  I've got a shared hosting account which they claim can't disable TSL 1.0 and it needs to be done in my software.  Can anyone point where I can do this if possible?  Any help is much appreciated!



#2 08-21-2018 08:53:53

From: York, PA
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Re: How to Disable TSL 1.0?

TLS1.0 is disabled server-side. If you have a hosting provider telling you otherwise, consider a new host.  We've disabled TLS1.0 here (as of the June 30, 2018 PCI deadline to do so) at Kryptronic Managed Hosting.  Submit a request here if you'd like to move over to KMH:

Nick Hendler



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