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#1 02-08-2017 22:00:28

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Menus and submenus

I'm a bit confused by the default menu structure in v9.  Please take a look at and bear in mind that this is a development site, the photos are placeholders, and the skin is still stock (with a few color changes).

If you look at it on a web browser you see the store categories in the horizontal nav bar, and on the left of the bar is the typical menu icon (square consisting of layered horizontal lines) that opens a list of shopping-related targets.

Below that is a "main menu" with some info-related targets.  Note there's a black menu-square icon next to the words Main Menu - the icon is just for decoration - but it's a bit confusing so I imagine I'll be going into the skin to take that graphic out. 

The in the footer you have yet another menu, an Account menu.

Now I look at it on my phone.  The blue nav bar has two menu-square icons on it.  One opens the shopping-related targets and the other opens a category menu, since the categories are not now printed on the horizontal nav bar.  At the bottom of the page is a "main menu" menu-square icon, which opens the info-related targets.  And below that is the Account menu, that when opened yields the account links from the footer on the desktop view.

I'm not really sure how to organize this in a way that works both on desktop and phone.  Suggestions would be welcomed.




#2 02-09-2017 08:56:07

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Re: Menus and submenus

I don't think what you've got going on is bad, but to achieve what you're looking to do, I think you'll want to have a look in System / Displays / Skin Widgets and start fooling around.  Also, possibly edit your skin and get rid of that lefthand menu.

Nick Hendler



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