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#1 01-12-2017 13:57:29

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Image sizes

What should the dimensions and naming rules be for the small and large images in product offers?   Will .png files work?
I have a small image that is a .png that displays correctly when using <img src=".... 
but when uploaded into the small image field in the product offer, it appears to be 4x4  (4 times as big, and stretched) when displayed on the category page.

Laurie Stephens



#2 01-13-2017 08:12:59

From: York, PA
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Re: Image sizes

Check out this post on image sizing for all recommended sizes:

As everything is responsive, and I assume your images are much smaller than the 500px recommended width, you can adjust display settings by displaying more items per line, or reduce the width of your content area of your skin, or introduce padding into the category/product list display CSS.  Options abound here.

Nick Hendler



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