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#1 05-17-2016 20:48:46

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Website for Bulk Changes

From time-to-time I need to export a file to make bulk changes.  The problem with Excel is it changes the UPC code and other large numbers like the date stamp into scientific notation (exponential).  There's a clumsy multi-step way around it, Yuck!

I came across an oldie but goodie in Open Office.  It downloads the CSV file as text so it eliminates the undesired modifications that Excel makes.  If you export/import regularly, this free program is well worth the download.



#2 05-18-2016 07:19:33

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Re: for Bulk Changes

Thanks for the post.  Anybody using leading zeros for anything will generally have troubles with Excel.  We've had success manually importing and marking columns as text in Excel, but that's a pain and not something you'd want to do regularly.  Also had success with Google Sheets, but the interface is slow and clumsy.  I will definitely be checking out open office as I spend a lot of time adjusting CSV files in Excel prior to being able to work with them.

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#3 05-18-2016 10:52:32

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Re: for Bulk Changes

Yes Open Office is definitely the way to go.  Plus the price is right (Free), and is nearly just as good as any MS Office product.

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