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#1 03-27-2015 12:24:09

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HTTP Status Code display

We set up our main web site and .htaccess file to display custom web pages when various http status codes, 400, 401, 404 etc., occur.  When we go into the ccp8 shopping cart, and one of those http status codes happens, a different status code display shows up from somewhere within ccp8.   

Is there an easy way to "adjust" or "modify" ccp8 to serve up our 404.shtml page should a 404 error occur and any of the other http errors for which we have .shtml pages?



#2 03-30-2015 08:50:06

From: York, PA
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Re: HTTP Status Code display

You can modify how the software handles 404s by editing {private}/core/CORE_FrontEnd/ext/notfound.php.

Nick Hendler



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