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#1 02-11-2014 06:06:43

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How to Change Website for SEO - Help very much appreciated

I have been asked by my employers to try and help our SEO, the webiste is … ;ns=splash

I did not create this website, and i don't 100% understand code, what i need to know is

1. How do i change the URL's to something more SEO/People Friendly, as you can see the above link is useless
2. How do i create a new page? this website seems to be like a splash page where the information changes but the page doesn't really change
3. How do i change the links eg - the Logo links to the wrong "page"

I need other things but these are the most pressing issues to hand, once i get these sorted i will be looking at other things like anchor text, social media, backlinks etc

This Kryptronic does not seem to be the easiest thing to find something, i feel it is defiantly not a beginner friendly system. What i have noticed is that google only seems to track the Store "Page" and even then the link is different but this is for another day.

I am also using winscp to upload the information to the website if that means anything to the experts.




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