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#1 11-26-2013 15:23:42

From: Boulder, CO
Registered: 08-03-2003
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Ha anyone set up a club

Hi Guys:

I have a customer that would like to set up a club (a group) that will receive special pricing (15% off) and get regular emails announcing new products and other information as well as get 4 shipments a year on an automatic basis.

Has anyone set up a club or special group that would be similar to what I described?

I would just like to know any valuable information you might be able to pass along before I set this up.

Otherwise I will just create a group for this club and assign a wholesale discount.

Anyone have any great ideas?




#2 11-27-2013 08:28:28

From: York, PA
Registered: 04-20-2001
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Re: Ha anyone set up a club

I'd use the wholesale group for these users and be done with it.

Nick Hendler



#3 12-03-2013 09:44:56

From: UK
Registered: 06-26-2009
Posts: 26

Re: Ha anyone set up a club

Hi Tim

Yes I had a go at setting up a club at my smokehouse site I first tried using the wholesale account but it got a bit messy. In the end members are required to register and sign up for the newsletter (by Arclab) which I find very useful. In the process they reieve a subscription acceptance email with either a unique or common discount code which can be expiring or non expiring which ever you like. It worked a lot better than the wholesale.



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