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#1 10-25-2013 16:10:56

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Advanced Interface Dashboard Won't Load


I'm new to the forum and was hoping I could get some help with a few issues I've been having.

Since upgrading to ClickCart 8, The main dashboard of the advanced administration interface won't load upon logging in. I'm instead met with a blank page where the copyright bar is located immediately below the drop-down menus. Selections from any of the dropdown menus immediately switch me into the standard (mobile) interface.
I've searched through the forums here and seen that other people have resolved this by disabling browser add-ons and extensions, but even with a completely vanilla browser I find that the problem persists.

A second, probably unrelated issue is that the left column navigation links on the various product option/product/category/etc. pages  redirect back to my home page. They seem to be using http:\\(my site)\index.php as the base URL rather than http:\\(my site)\admin.php , which appears to be the format for everything else in the admin interface. This is less of a problem , as I don't mind simply scrolling down the page. I only mention it for completeness and in case it indicates a larger issue.

Thank you all for your time, and any advice is greatly appreciated.



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