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#1 09-30-2013 15:23:49

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Shipping Module Updated - FedEx Changed On Sept 30, 2013

Hello version 7 users.  On Sept 30, 2013, FedEx changed the response format for their rating and tracking APIs and this has led us to release a maintenance update for ClickCartPro 7 and EuropaCart 7.

### Clients with Modified Version 7 Installs

Please contact the Kryptronic Custom Shop by following the link below.  We can install just the FedEx changes for you for a minimal charge:

### ClickCartPro/EuropaCart Installs - Versions 7.0.0 through 7.1.4

If you are using versions 7.0.0 through 7.1.4, please follow these instructions to update your software.  This will bring your software version up to 7.1.5 and install the new FedEx code: … 2012A.html

### ClickCartPro/EuropaCart Installs - Version 7.1.5

If you are currently running version 7.1.5, updating your software to support the new USPS changes will increase the version number of your installed ECOM_Ship module to 7.1.7, but will not increase your software version beyond 7.1.5.  If you are running version 7.1.5:

(1) If you have not yet installed the USPS changes released on July 28, 2013, execute the following two SQL statements in your Raw DB Admin:


ALTER TABLE ecom_shiprealtimep CHANGE id id VARCHAR(200) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL

DELETE FROM ecom_shiprealtimep WHERE shipper='USPS'

(2) Run your installer.php script.  Don't install any updates or make any changes until you get to the Component installation.  Be sure to install the store component, and choose the update only function (do not select only new files, and do not select overwrite all files).  When the installer is finished, do a database reload of recently changed files only on the last step.

Your FedEx functions will be working properly after doing this.

Nick Hendler



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