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#1 05-15-2013 15:28:51

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sizing of images

A programmer did my shopping cart for me. He uploaded all the files from his hard drive. He is now unavailable. I am now trying to add one more product to my cart with an image. I cannot figure out the proper dimensions or size of the image jpg. In image specifications the small image to large image ratio is 1:4. When I upload my new image, it appears 2 1/2 times smaller than all of the other products. This is consistent on the thumbnail page and the larger image page. Both appear 2 1/2 times smaller than all the other products. First I uploaded a jpg that was 143 kb, 551 x 1008.  This appeared 2 1/2 times too small in both thumbnail and large product. Then I had the photographer send me an image 2 1/2 times bigger, thinking this would solve the problem. It was 668 kb, 1377 x 2520. This didn't work either. The image in both places was still 2 1/2 times too small! I'm not a programmer or a photoshopper, so I am stumped and up against a mailing deadline.



#2 05-16-2013 13:58:35

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Re: sizing of images

What is a link to your site?


Hat Trick Sports, LLC



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