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#1 07-23-2001 10:32:32

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Earthlink CGI 777 = NOT ALLOWED!?!?


I bought CCP and upgraded it as its the best looking cart for the money.  So, when I finally have my web guy try to upload it via FTP (earthlink doesn't give shell/telnet accts), he calls me with an urgent notice.  Earthlink, while they have CGI Bin and Perl 5 on UNIX platform (hell, they are the second largest ISP on Earth), only allows FTP permissions up to 755. 

The Earthlink tech said there is nothing he can do, but he's uploaded 777 stuff in 755 before without a problem. 

Earthlink is a great hosting company, and we know the hassle of switching ISP's.  I do not want to have to return CCP for a refund because of this. 

What do you suggest?  With all due respect, I would have thought CCP has features available for the standard 755 limitation most servers have due to security.





#2 07-30-2001 11:13:30

From: York, PA
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Re: Earthlink CGI 777 = NOT ALLOWED!?!?

For servers like this you can:

(1) Store your data as 0777 in a non-web-accessable directory and point to that dir using the full server path in your CGI files.


(2) Set the data files to 0755 and make sure apache runs with the privies it needs to write to them with that permission level.  If you chmod the files to 0755 and chown the files to nobody.nobody so that apache owns them - this will work.

You host has to be set up to handle at least one of these alternatives.

Nick Hendler



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