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#1 07-09-2001 07:57:50


Corrupted DBase

Offline ordering works fine, but when I activate PayPal and place an order, at some point during the process, my catalog.db file is being truncated. It removes, or fails to write-back the E-Mail and Product Description text. It's seems like the array is missing those two variables; but can't say for certain.

I have checked the database after each step of the order process from signup through the final payment processing, and it's ok. So, I suspect the post back (upon completion) to my server from PayPay is causing this.

Can't figure out why though...any ideas would greatly appreciated.


#2 07-15-2001 11:48:17


Re: Corrupted DBase

Never mind. Disregard.

I added an MSRP price element to all the arrays that prints out above an items price...and forgot to add $product_msrp to the site_store_order_confirm script. DUH!

One of those "forest for the trees" things.



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