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#1 07-08-2001 20:10:38


Specials; Categories on pages you create

Other than the simple links the manual has for being able to link to the catalog, I'm wondering if there's any way you can insert specials and so forth.  For instance, on the welcome splash page, I'd like to be able to display specials like inside the store itself.  Is this available, and if not is it a planned upcoming feature?  Updating that kind of thing with a static page would be a bit rough if I change specials regularly.

The script is awesome in its current form, but I'd love to be able to move the elements around more.  For instance, I'd love to be able to have the specials rotation under my last link in the left menu (one item appearing at a time, of course).  As a suggestion for a version somewhere down the line, maybe there could be an advanced HTML system where you can use variables inside the HTML to place items, such as $specials loading the specials menu.  I know this would probably create more problems than the way it is now, but for people like myself it would allow us to be even more creative.

Thanks for hearing me out!

JJ -


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