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#1 02-02-2013 03:25:32

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Can I add a product option to all products easily?

Hi . . .

My client wants me to add a few product options to each product on her site, she is a florist so there are hundreds of flower arrangements that need these options added to. Basically the options are chocolate boxes and teddy bears for Valentines Day. Is there a way to add these options to all the products on the site without adding them individually?

Perhaps not options are required but additional items that can be purchased along with the arrangement. Is that possible?




#2 02-06-2013 09:06:06

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Re: Can I add a product option to all products easily?

Hi Daniel.

Options are certainly the best way to go.  You simply create a product option for both of those items and then use the raw database admin and a spreadsheet to easily add it to all products.  There is an excellent explanation of all of this in our Getting Started  Guide.  You can download that here: … ted_v8.pdf

The Product Options are a great thing to master because not only do they enhance every single product you sell, where applicable, but they also are a great cross-sell feature.

Also happy to help if you get stuck.



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