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#1 07-03-2001 23:58:19


HTML Element Ghost Files

Are you having problems creating header and footer files that correspond with the look and feel of your already existing website. No matter how long you try to edit these files in the HTML elements section, it will do no good. The admistration program creates your header-footer files with the wrong name.

If you FTP to   you will see exactly what I mean. The files that you have worked so long and hard on to display YOUR header and Your footer are being named something different than what CCP4 is calling up. Hence you don't see your stuff.

Try deleting the files &
Now rename the files header|.pl & footer|.pl  to the corresponding file names above and voila! Your header and footer files are now online.

If you have any further questions or comments about this, please email me at

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#2 07-04-2001 08:44:17

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Re: HTML Element Ghost Files

This post is not right, but we thank you for posting the tip anyway.  As long as the permissions on the files in the ./data/html/elements directory are set to 777, CCP will update the header and footer.  The method you descride will only work if the file:


was corrupted either on upload or by hand.  To reiterate, CCP  edits the header and footer files using the administrator by default - no edits are needs to get this working on an un-corrupted install.  Thanks again.

Nick Hendler



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