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#1 06-30-2001 17:44:13


Mailto versus secure server credit card


does the shopping cart have the ability to accept customer ID#'s versus credit cards?  I would like to use your program, however, I do not want to use credit cards.  I have a password protected area of my site that is for wholesale, and to enter the site you must be authorized to begin with.

My orders deal with wholesale rustic furniture, but my wholesale clients will already have been approved for an account and will be billed at a later date.  I would just like the ability for them to enter the wholesale site, shop for quantity, have the cart gather their information, and send it to the administrator in email form with nothing other than their customer id.

Thanks in advance.  I hope your shopping cart is capable of this.



#2 07-02-2001 06:18:09

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Re: Mailto versus secure server credit card

Just use the default method.  The scripting is already built so that payment can be collected after the order.  The customer is informed that they will be contacted regarding payment infomation in their order confirmation.

Nick Hendler



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