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#1 10-11-2012 15:24:02

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CSV files no longer being saved

clickcart v7.1.3
opensuse v12.2 linux 3.4.6-2.10-desktop x86_64

I have a local copy of our shopping cart that I use to perform products tests and updates. I then save the results to a CSV file and import that into the production copy.

Today the CSV file cannot be saved. I do not know what has changed in the last couple of months since the last time I successfully did this.

----[ Error message ]----
File Not Found
The file you've requested cannot be found on this server. It is possible your access rights to this file have expired, or there was an error serving the file.
----[ end ]----

Or the file does not exist. It seems that possibility is unthinkable.

Well. If the file could not be saved, why did I not receive some indication that was the case? It was when I went to download and save it that the message appeared.

Is there an error log somewhere?

I changed the directory (clickcart/downloads/) permissions to 0777 just in case. That is not the problem.

What might be wrong?



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