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#1 09-02-2012 12:36:47

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Product Option Detailed on Order Confirmation

I added a product to our website that has two product options.  Each product option will add money to the price of the item.  However when the Order Confirmation gets emailed out, it does not list each product option as a separate line item and a separate line item cost.  This is causing a problem with our order clerk and our purchaser.

Is there a way to have each product option selected listed as a separate line item and line item price instead of having it all lumped into one price and one long description?

For example, if someone orders a Single User Payroll Upgrade for $222.30, they are given the option to also add the Payroll Tax Update Service for $284.95.  When I get the order, it shows a total price of $507.25.  I want it to show both items as two separate line items with their own price instead of one item with a total price.

Is this possible and if so, how?



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