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#1 08-22-2012 11:30:36

Ian Gore
Registered: 10-25-2005
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Existing redirect a problem?

Sorry if this is a basic question, but...

We are looking to update one of our sites from ccp 5.1. The files for this site sit on a sub-directory ccp51 with the htaccess file "hiding" this so users don't see it. This means I have to upload the v8 files to a sub-directory below ccp51 directory in order to be able to see the installer etc. Will doing this cause me any problems once I come to make the v8 site live or are there better alternatives which wont impact on current live site?

Thanks for any help




#2 08-22-2012 15:00:53

From: York, PA
Registered: 04-20-2001
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Re: Existing redirect a problem?

You will be fine doing this.  Just add v8 to ccp51/v8 and add ccp51/v8/private.  When you're ready to publish, move to the root directory and change your rewrites.

Nick Hendler



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