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#1 08-24-2011 11:22:40

From: Maryland, USA
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Paypal orders not processing

I'm working on setting up paypal on my site and it's not working quite right.

I go through the purchasing process and select paypal as my payment option. Then it takes me to paypal where I login and accept the charge to my paypal account. Then it just sits there and doesnt' automatically take me back to the site. which isn't ideal, but it works for the time being because I can click the link that's supposed to take me back the site. But when I click it all I get is a page in the site with this red-colored CCP error:

The following error occurred while attempting to process your transaction:

No online processors appear to be configured.

The charge goes through, but no confirmation emails are sent out. Also, the purchase doesnt' show up on the orders list unless I'm looking at the pending list.

This issue is fairly common apparently, and an update that was supposed to fix it was offered according to what I've been reading, but I'm sitting on 7.1.3 and I'm still haivng the problem.

Any ideas?

I should point out that this is the plain old regular paypal checkout, not the speedy one that sits on the "View Cart" page. That one works flawlessly.

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Jeremy D.



#2 06-06-2013 13:58:43

From: Sandy, Oregon
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Re: Paypal orders not processing

My site has a error as well for the ecomrelay.php page. Can be seen at: https://www.native-american-indian-silv … mrelay.php
I installed vs. 8 from scratch and am trying to get Paypal to run smoothly. Using the Standard Paypal not the Pro vs. Orders get placed correctly both from cart and Paypal but I don't get any emails letting me know that order was placed and the orders sit in the pending list. I tried setting the ecomrelay.php to both 755 and 777 but neither seem to work. I also have the settings for "Perform Post-Order Updates" set to true as well as Paypal set to use the "External" Any ideas?



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