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#1 03-03-2011 13:28:39

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Add Ex Vat unit prices to customer order confirmation mails


Have been trying to add ex VAT unit prices to our internal and customer order confirmation emails.

Looking in ordersummaryxhtml.php I found the part where each item gets printed out. Looking around the forum I found some ideas from where others have tried this and modified the code as follows:-


                              // +--
                              // | Print quantity and amounts.
                              // +--

                              $amount_array = array('amount'     => $item['ordertotal'],
                                                    'entrycurr'  => $currapp,
                                                    'returncurr' => $currshow,
                                                    'formatwsym' => 1);

                              $subtotal = $this->include_namespace($app,'getprice',$amount_array);
                              $subtotal = $this->xhtml_encode($subtotal);

                              print '<p>Quantity: ' . $quan;

                              if ($mailtype != 'SHIPPER') {

                             if ($manageeutax == 'incleutax') {
                             // The prices include EU Tax.
                               $amount_array = array('unitprice'  => $item['cartdata']['subtotaleutax'] / $item['cartdata']['quantity'],
                                              'entrycurr'  => $currapp,
                                              'returncurr' => $currshow,
                                              'formatwsym' => 1);

                               $priceeach = $this->include_namespace($app,'getprice',$amount_array);
                               $priceeach = $this->xhtml_encode($priceeach);

                                   print ' Price Each - ' . $priceeach;
                                   print ' ex Vat';
                                   print '<br/>';

                                 } // End of if statement
                                print ' Subtotal: ' . $subtotal;
                                print ' Inc VAT';

This is giving me the printout format I am looking for and the subtotal values are coming through as per the original code - only problem is that priceeach is coming out as zero. So at this point I think my "cut and paste"  needs more understanding than I have.

Anyone any ideas on how I should be accessing the data and making the calculation?





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