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#1 07-15-2009 19:20:48

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ClickCartPro 7 Full Version and Upgrade Purchase Links

Hello all.  We now have the data importers ready to aid you in migrating from ClickCartPro 5.1 and ClickCartPro 6 to ClickCartPro 7.  We expect to update the Kryptronic Corporate site at some point tomorrow with more information and links to demos, etc. for ClickCartPro 7, but in the mean time, if you would like to get a sneak preview:

### Full Version & Upgrade Purchases

Purchase the ClickCartPro 7 Full Version:

Purchase the ClickCartPro 7 Upgrade:

For those of you with ClickCartPro 6 licenses with XMODs installed on those licenses, please wait until the Kryptronic Corporate site is updated with permanent ClickCartPro 7 purchase links before upgrading your license.  You will get special pricing on XMODs if you decide to purchase them again for ClickCartPro 7.

### We have posted articles on the Software Wiki to aid you in upgrading:

Upgrading to ClickCartPro 7 from ClickCartPro 5.x:

Upgrading to ClickCartPro 7 from ClickCartPro 6:

### Here are links to the data import scripts:

ClickCartPro 5.x to ClickCartPro 7 Importer: …

ClickCartPro 6 to ClickCartPro 7 Importer: …

### Here are links to the new ClickCartPro 7 manuals:

Base Manual … Pro_v7.pdf

Getting Started Guide … ted_v7.pdf

Installation Guide … ion_v7.pdf

Nick Hendler



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