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#51 10-02-2009 03:41:16

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Re: UK-Specific Functionality Requirements


Postcode anywhere...

enter your postcode in the field and the form is automatically filled out with your complete address, all fields. so quick and so simple. it saves having to enter your complete address, like:
Address1 (field)
Address 2 (field)
Town (field)
City (field)
County (field)
Postcode (field)
country (field)

so it saves at least 5-6 fields from having to be typed in to the form. and can be used for postage calculations by postcode area too.

lol quote:

Part of the problem is that a lot of people in the UK don't know their own postcodes. This may seem strange, but the area covered by an individual postcode in the UK is much smaller than one in, for example, Germany - and probably the US.

PostCode Anywhere no doubt assists retailers to verify the postcodes of their customers.

UK Post codes cover between 4 -10 houses, so nearly everyone has a different one.
Everybody above the age of 10 knows their post code these days, but having to type a long address is pretty boring (mine is 7 lines) and anything that helps the checkout progress can only be a good thing, look at the responses from users who commented when i originally mentioned it, and the uptake on the old ccp6 UK version.

I have it integrated in my site ccp6 and i have had 1,000 users using it from 3,000 orders so about a third of customers or about half of new customers use it when creating an account or using guest checkout. Most UK sites have this kind of intergration.

Note:All UK postal services use the postcode as an automatic address and sorting system, so any package with an incorrect or partial postcode on the address has to be manually sorted at the sorting office, and will take longer to get processed and arrive.

We can not ship to partial postcodes but ccp can not verify if the post code is correct, postcode anywhere can.

Hope this sheds some light on it and you give it a rethink, as UK clients don't want to feel left out in the cold now that Howard is sulking, proper UK intergration and support was what attracted most of us in the first place.

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#52 10-03-2009 08:25:23

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Re: UK-Specific Functionality Requirements

Even just a list of counties would be a start!



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