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#1 05-28-2003 17:19:36


Friendly Advice - Using EXCEL

hopefully to avoid someone else wasting as much time as I did trying to hunt this down, be warned that if you bring your CSV files into EXCEL to make any edits, EXCEL will (by default) drop off all leading zeros in any of the fields (thanks again microsoft for deciding for me what i should do).
This means that zip codes and potentially font colors will now be incorrect.
I noticed the issue when I brought my settings.csv file into excel to make some edits to item display count.
Once I went back to the ADMIN, the page woudl render but with errors.  My font color use to be black (000000) and now was simply 0.  This produced this error and some strange font colors thrughout the site.
Hope that helps someone out at some point!


#2 05-28-2003 17:34:06

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Re: Friendly Advice - Using EXCEL

One more thing.
If (like me) you are importing/merging any maillists into maillist.csv using excel, make sure that after your last entry, there is a carriage return.  I coudn't get EXCEL to do this and did it in some text editing software (without formatting).
If you leave the file (without carriage return) as CSV, CCP will function, but will incorrectly add the next addition thru admin / signup. If you convert to MySQL, CCP will report errors (as it should) the next time an address is entered thru admin or sign-up.
Hope that made sense and that it saves someone some time!



#3 05-28-2003 21:52:00

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Re: Friendly Advice - Using EXCEL

Thanks Kevbo for the good advice... I actually tried editing some csv files a few days ago with Excel and had all kinds of problems.  I however kept a backup of the original which I ended up having to use, but it is good to know about the evil things that software from Redmond can do.

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#4 05-29-2003 09:27:23

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Re: Friendly Advice - Using EXCEL

Look at this link.  There is an editor that you can use that will allow you to edit CSV files, without all the Micro$oft superior intellect helping you.

<A HREF=""></A>

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