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#1 05-14-2009 13:25:48

From: Liverpool
Registered: 11-17-2005
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Passing Shipping Address details to Protx


Can anyone advise how I pass the shipping address details to Protx, I can see it must be in Manage Payment Methods but I'm not sure of the format required to pass these details.

This is so the shipping address can be checked by the 3rd Man.

Thanks for any help or pointers to a topic on this, I've searched high and low.

Kind Regards


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#2 06-06-2009 18:30:26

From: Florida
Registered: 05-02-2005
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Re: Passing Shipping Address details to Protx

By 3rd Man, are you talking about "Verified by Visa" and "Mastercard Secure Code" ?

I have written a mod that extends the Protx Direct Payment Gateway to support these functions in the past.
It is no small mod and is costly but it has been done.


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