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#1 09-25-2006 14:57:54

From: Texas
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Redesigning the basic layout and/or buying new skins


I am an experienced Web designer and I wanted to redesign the basic CCP layout. I was able to figure out most of the HTML components for the CCP basic layout, but working in that little editing window is a hassle. So I was cutting and pasting from that window into Dreamweaver making changes and then pasting it back into CCP. Is there a better way?

I looked at some of the skins sold by third party folks but they are very limited in design. So my question is how do I move the elements around the page? If I want a search field in the upper left corner or if I want to move the Categories, Policies or other links around the page how do I do that?

Does anyone have any more skins to choose from? Are the skins worth purchasing or is it better to just do it yourself?

I wanted a sort of Amazon-ish look with tabs and simliar account and shopping cart links.

Are there instructions on moving things around anywhere?

Many thanks,

Mike de la Flor

Mike de la Flor
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#2 09-25-2006 15:25:04

From: United Kingdom
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Re: Redesigning the basic layout and/or buying new skins


There is a brief DIY guide from Todd at
At the basic level you can create your design and then drag and drop the CCP elements wherever you want them to display, it's only if you want to create more advanced display's and designs that you need to have a deepr understanding of CCP.

Apart from having a professionally designed skin 'out of the box' another great thing about skins is that they provide a perfect starting point for your own customisation. For example if you find a skin which has all the basic features you want and then make a few alterations to give it the exact look you are trying to saves a lot of time.

I hope this helps

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#3 09-25-2006 17:33:12

From: Kitty Hawk, NC
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Re: Redesigning the basic layout and/or buying new skins

Hello Mike,

I have given some thought to creating a skin with categories that go across the top in tabs.  The problem with that is I have no control over how many categories a person may want to create.  The more categories they create, the more space that is used horizontally across the page.  Tabs could be used to create a nice site across as long as a person does not try and create 30 categories or something large like that.  Then you end up with 30 tabs which certainly would cause the browser to expand beyond their screen resolution... which gives them that ugly and user un-friendly horizontal scrollbar.

That being said... if you know your only going to use a few categories... tabs across the top is a great layout and familiar to many users.

I would start in dreamweaver and do my layout and design for the site the way I want.

Then drop in the placeholders for my CCP content.  This is where dreamweaver becomes somewhat less helpful since it does not understand the code you are using.  So I try to get everything as close to perfect within dreamweaver without using any CCP code.  Instead I will create comment where I eventually want the CCP code to go.

<-- Categories Here -->

<-- Shopping Cart Here -->

<-- Search Form Here -->

and such...

Then once its fully coded in Dreamweaver... I will drop in my CCP placeholders.

Then test on a testing server and make sure things are working correctly.

I weed out any errors and once its been tested in all the popular browsers to my satisfaction... I go live.

Thats my approach.

there's more than one way to...



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